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To our patrons

31st October, 2018


To our patrons: Tap into happiness!

Why Wine on Tap? Because You deserve the Best.


Consistency & Quality:

Wine on tap produces quality and consistency in every pour. There is no waste, or spoilage. So whenever you open that tap, it’s like opening a new bottle of wine, every time.

Get more for less!

A single keg eliminates 28 bottles, 28 corks, and 56 labels. You’re simply paying for the juice, allowing us to provide the highest quality of wine, for the lowest price.

Headache free!

Wine on tap eliminates almost all chemicals, and oxidation. Allowing everyone to enjoy the purity of our wine, headache and hangover free.

Save the Planet!

Wine on tap saves 50% of your storage space, and eliminates all trash and waste. Thus reducing our CO2 footprint by 96%. Saving you space, and money, all while saving Mother Earth.

2018 Wine on Tap, Inc