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Wine in kegs never sees oxygen or sunlight so it’s guaranteed fresh – no wasted wine.  With no oxidation, our kegs ensure freshness.

Wine on tap flows through special 304 grade stainless draft systems, designed specifically for wine. To preserve and protect the wines, they are pushed out of the keg using 100% food grade nitrogen, this blend preserves wine quality and freshness, so that the keg is good from the first glass to the last.  Wine on Tap’s reusable steel kegs reduce the carbon footprint of the same wine poured out of bottles over a 20-year period by 96%

Each keg replaces the need for 27 bottles, so yes, Wine on Tap saves money by cancelling the packaging cost.  Because our kegs are reusable, there is nothing to recycle & less trash to the landfill

Yes, it is very simple, just like tapping a standard beer keg.  Our distribution partners are there to assist you with the draft installation and maintenance process.  Standard size and fittings are easy to plug into any system

Please contact us at or call us at (404) 836-5150 for more information

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